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Residential Locksmith

One place where good security is always needed is at home; your home to be exact. Think about it – you live there, and so do your loved ones. You keep your belongings there, and you return there to rest, relax and recharge. What kind of place would it be if there were strangers coming and going, and rifling through your things at all hours? Not a nice thought is it? Locks and security do their part in keeping your home safe and private. With good residential security you can feel good about returning home for a nice dinner and a good night’s sleep at the end of the day. You can also raise your family, relax with your friends, and even provide a safe haven to raise your pets.

Good security for your Birmingham, AL home gives you privacy as well as security. Even if your belongings are of little monetary value, they are yours and should be protected. For those with more worldly assets this especially applies. Even the most basic homes shelter belongings like furniture, books, jewelry, mementos, electronics, clothing, appliances, cars and other household items of value. You paid good money for these things or they were gifts that you don’t want to part with. Having good residential lock protection can be hugely instrumental in keeping your valuables safe from theft and vandalism. The thought of your personal items being pawned for drug money is nauseating to some and it should be! While no home or building is 100% burglar proof, there are steps that you can take to greatly bolster your home security without spending a lot of money or time in the process.

There was a time…

It’s true; there was a time when many people didn’t lock their doors. Here at Birmingham Locksmith we often hear of how in the “good ole days” folks went into each other’s homes on a regular basis to visit or help run errands or to stay overnight. In today’s reality, this is very rare due to the rise in neighborhood crime like burglaries, home invasions, and drug use. Fortunately, there are affordable and simple ways to make your home more secure and all it takes is a couple of phone calls along with minimal effort on your part.

Start with your locks

Most people feel safe with locks on the front and back doors. What they might not realize is that those locks were not installed for better home protection; they are there to fulfill a minimum building requirement. In most cases, these basic locks are easy to bump, pick or smash open. While it’s true that home builders can install better quality locks on their new construction, they consider these an upgrade, much like granite counters, stainless steel appliances and window treatments. While many assume that “a lock is a lock” and they all provide adequate protection, this is simply not the case. Lock bumping is becoming increasingly popular as a simple and fast way to break into residential homes. There are even bump keys that are easy to make and buy over the web, as well as bumping instructions that are sold for “informational purposes only” to anyone with a few dollars that show how to access 90% of door locks in less than 20 seconds. To add insult to injury, lock bumping leaves no trace of forced entry! This makes it doubly difficult to file a police report or insurance claim.

Lock Change

So, upgrade?

Yes, it’s a good idea to upgrade your locks. Now, don’t freak out; you don’t have to go overboard and pay exorbitant prices for better quality hardware. Call our shop or your favorite Birmingham, AL locksmith and have high security locks installed. These cannot be bumped open, or for that matter, picked, pried or smashed open either! Unlike “regular” locks that are hollow and usually made of tin, high security locks are made with solid brass and steel parts and best of all, they are quite affordable.

Add a deadbolt

If your home doesn’t have a quality deadbolt lock on the door, you need to add one! A solidly installed, good quality deadbolt can frustrate a home intruder or burglar to the point of giving up! Getting past your first lock is one thing, but having to now bypass your deadbolt is often too much of a risk for the crook. In the time it takes to do this, the homeowner has time to call police or even arm themselves!

Rekeying your locks

Rekeying your locks can make a huge difference in your home security. While a rekey does not guarantee crime prevention at your Birmingham, AL home, it does “up” your chances of being safer and better secured. You keep the same locks in a rekey. Only the inside springs and pins are replaced. This act alone renders all previous keys useless, and only the newly issued ones will work. Why is this important? Think of all the key holders that are out there now. These can include you, your family, realtors, property managers, builders, contractors, dog sitters, neighbors and many more. Do you trust all of these people to NOT make a copy of your key or lose it by accident?

Also, rekeying your locks eliminates another possible threat to your residential security; the interior master pins. These pins were part of the original lock installation and were there to benefit the builder and his contractors and vendors who also had copies of the key. Now, they are no longer needed but they do tend to weaken the lock and make it easier to pick or bump open by crooks.

Another good reason to rekey is that your locksmith can service your lock and inspect it while doing the rekey. If it needs service or if the lock itself is not in the best of shape, he can recommend a suitable replacement of equal or greater security value. What better time to inspect the lock than when it’s taken apart?


Monday, December 18, 2017


Auto Lockouts

If you suddenly realize that you can’t remove your car key from the ignition, it’s absolutely unnerving. It can even be frightening, especially if you’re in a rush, or it occurs after dark. If your car key simply will not budge, then you’re certainly not going anywhere. But don’t let it upset you. There are things you can do to deal with this situation.



Typical Reasons You’ve Landed in this Mess


  • The battery might be dead. With most newer cars, if your battery ever dies, your car key can become stuck in the ignition.
  • There may be a slight amount of grime or a minute object on the key, which is catching inside the ignition.
  • Maybe your wheel lock cylinder has worn out. It’s time to install a new one.
  • Perhaps your car isn’t in park. Even if the gearshift appears to be in park, the car’s shift lock solenoid, or another mechanism, could need replacement.
  • Possibly a cable is loose (either inside the dashboard or behind the ignition) so it will likely need replacement.
  • Did you force your car key into the lock? It might be sitting inside the mechanism at a bit of a wrong angle, making it difficult to remove.
  • The transmission may be malfunctioning, which means you cannot get your vehicle into park. Maybe after you cycle the transmission several times you’ll be able to pull the key out.
  • There may be internal damage. Inside the ignition cylinder, a tumbler can get jammed up so that the springs will not push the key back out.
  • The car key itself might be slightly bent or otherwise damaged.
  • Did you put the incorrect key into the ignition cylinder? Maybe you thought it was the right one, but now it’s too late: You cannot pull it out.
  • The column lock mechanism (the anti-theft device) could be malfunctioning. If this is the case, you won’t be able to extract the key.
  • Has your key actually broken off inside the lock cylinder? Then it definitely won’t be coming out.
  • The sensor in the transmission might not be sending the right signal to the column lock, which will make your car key stick inside.


The above are the most likely possibilities. Before you attempt any of the measures listed below, first off, put the parking brake on! You don’t want your vehicle to roll away while you’re trying to get the key out!



Solutions to Try


1       See if the battery’s dead. Does the dashboard light up when the transponder key is in the “on” position? Depending upon your car’s model and make, a dead battery will stop you from getting your transponder key out, because its chip cannot be identified accurately by your vehicle’s built-in computerized theft-deterrent system. Charging up or replacing your battery will be the simple solution.


2       Look at the park position. Your shifter must be locked into park so that you can remove your car key. At times, your car won’t lock into the park position properly. If you are still able to move the gearshift lever out of park after you turn the engine off, then your linkage may need adjusting; or, it may just be worn out and therefore requires replacing.


3       Lubricate the key. Spray a minute amount of electrical cleaner between the key and the ignition. Be extremely careful. Leave your car doors open while you carry out the following, so that you won’t suffer from the fumes: Add a tiny spray of silicone, or a drop or two of liquid graphite. Make sure you avoid any sparks and open flames! And, don’t drip on the upholstery. You might need to lubricate twice. Next, turn the key ever so slightly, exerting only minimum pressure. All of this should work to make it possible for you to pull out the key.


Transponder Keys

4       Check on the key’s position. On the ignition switch, see if your car key is in the locked position. As an ignition cylinder begins to wear out, you may find that it becomes easier to turn the key past the correct point. This is particularly true if your car key has been fastened to a cluster of other keys plus trinkets on your key chain, since the resulting increased pressure on the cylinder will little by little cause additional wear and tear. Push the key in, and very slightly rotate it forward. In some instances, this will finally lock your ignition into the correct position, and you’ll finally be able to pull out your key.


5       Examine the steering wheel. Sometimes, your steering wheel can lock. If this happens, the ignition switch will keep the car key locked in one position until the steering system unlocks. Please don’t pull too hard on the key! Be exceedingly gentle. First, see whether you can get any movement at all out of your steering wheel. Place your left hand on the steering wheel as you very gently rotate your key forward. Move the steering wheel, very softly, to one side, and then listen for a click. If you do not hear one, then very gently turn the wheel the other way. At the moment you finally hear a click, you can try removing your key. If you can successfully get the key out, you’ll know that the issue involves pressure coming from the steering wheel.



After All of This, Is the Car Key Still Stuck?


Then don’t waste any time going into a panic. It’s time to hire a locksmith professional with the exceptional knowhow, skill, and experience required to painstakingly inspect your vehicle’s ignition switch, gearshift lever, battery, and so forth. A reputable automotive locksmith expert will be capable of determining the actual cause behind your problem, determine the right solution, and you’ll be on your way soon.


If you are stranded any place in Birmingham, Alabama, consider hiring Birmingham Locksmith, whose staff mobile automotive locksmith specialists are ready to come to your rescue anytime around the clock.


While You Are Waiting for Help to Arrive


  • If you can, get your key into the lock position so that you won’t run the battery down.
  • Use a spare key to lock your car manually, so that your vehicle is secure.


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Birmingham Locksmith: Why Panic Bars Are Important For Your Business

High Security Locks

If you own a business, then you likely have at least heard that you need panic bars. Maybe you haven’t put all that much thought into them, because you have so much to do on a daily basis. Granted, no matter where you might live, you could have the attitude that you could actually leave your doors unlocked at night and not have to worry. This might be the case, but there are forms of security and safety that you will need regardless of how much you trust the people around you. Panic bars are one such solution and the team at Birmingham Locksmith in Birmingham, Alabama has put together information explaining why panic bars are so important. You will also find information explaining more details regarding what a panic bar actually is.

You might already have solutions like safes and locks installed throughout your business property. This is a huge step in the right direction and shows that you are cautious and mindful of the need for security. But have you thought much about a panic bar? Here is more information on what a panic bar is.

Panic Bar: What is it?

You might have heard of the terms crash bar or push bar. These are merely other ways to describe a panic bar. This is a solution which would be taken advantage of during an emergency that requires your employees, customers or of course yourself to exit the building quickly and safely. Some of the dangers that come along with rushing out of a building include getting trampled or falling over. If a large number of people get to one door at the exact same time, it is a given that someone will end up getting injured in one way or another. The severity of course could depend on the situation. But when you have multiple people trying to exit through one small doorway, you have crowds that can end up getting stuck as people struggle to open the door. This is where a panic bar would be helpful.

A panic bar would help to unlock a door during an emergency. If you are looking at panic bars, you will notice that a metal bar is spring-loaded and placed on a door’s interior, when the door opens up towards the outside (bear in mind that some doors open to the inside). Let’s say a person comes into your building with a weapon, or let’s say there is a fire or flooding. People need to be able to leave, and a panic bar can help to eliminate the traffic that would otherwise be stuck at the door. Just think about it – if everyone is halted because one or two people are fumbling with a door knob, you can end up facing a great deal of devastation. You can even have panic bars with alarm systems to alert you to unauthorized access, meaning panic bars serve multiple purposes. You need people to be able to exit your property safely and quickly. If you look into building codes and other relevant information you are going to find that an evacuation route is an absolute necessity for any business, and you could be fined tremendously if you are lacking in this area.

Panic bars can save you money!

Having panic bars set up properly at your commercial property can be a money-saver. How? Because they might allow you to lessen your insurance premium. This is something to think about, to say the least.

Panic bars can save lives

It is true. If you are facing an armed robbery or another dangerous situation, the fast exit for your customers and employees could make a huge difference, and even be the reason for lives being saved.

Birmingham Locksmith

Call a professional for any further details on panic bars!

Maybe you are interested in learning more about panic bars for your commercial property.  You care about your customers, and you truly value and appreciate your employees. You don’t want anything to ever happen to them. Panic bars are one way to make a difference when it comes to your commercial property’s security. There are so many other solutions that you can look into, from the installation of safes and new locks to locks on drawers and cabinets, and even keyless entry. An expert will be able to discuss in further detail any solution that you need. Look up the locksmith that is local to your area. If you are in Birmingham, AL of course you can reach out to Birmingham Locksmith to obtain further information. But regardless of where you live, doing your research and finding a lock and security provider that you can count on will prove to be extremely helpful. Sure, as a business owner, you have a ton to do on your to-do list on any given day. You need to make sure that your property is clean; you need to make sure that all of your daily paperwork is taken care of; you might have a long list of phone calls that have to be made; you have to pay attention to finances; you need to focus on customer service; and so much more. The list never seems to end. But taking care of security is as simple as making one quick phone call to a professional locksmith. You can have one that is local to you come to your property and carry out an inspection. You can tell them if there is anything you are worried about, and they can assist you to the best of their abilities.

Just remember that panic bars are a very important solution to have for any business property. For anyone looking to improve their evacuation exit, or to just better keep track of those coming in and out of a property, look into panic bars and even solutions such as keyless entry. These are things that can make a major difference in how safe your property actually is!

Article source here: Birmingham Locksmith: Why Panic Bars Are Important For Your Business

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Securing Your Home by Securing Your Garage

Some houses allow you to go through the garage to enter into your home. This is both a blessing and a curse in the sense that it offers you convenience but it can also be dangerous. It is dangerous if someone gets inside your garage, without authority, and enters into your home. Even though it isn’t often the way a burglar enters into your home. What we want our customers to understand is that even though it isn’t a popular way to enter into the home, it is one way that someone can easily gain access into your home. Here at Birmingham Locksmith Pro in Birmingham, AL, we want you to be ready for what could be expected if you do not take certain precautions.


Suggestions for Better Securing Your Garage


Residential Locksmith

Install Durable Panel Doors-             When a burglar is attempting to get into your home, they are going to look for the route of least resistance. They want to find a way to get into your home without too much effort. Their objective is to get in and out quickly. If they notice that your garage door offers them the opportunity they are looking for, they will use this opportunity to their advantage. If you want to make sure that no one is able to get inside your garage and eventually your home, you should really consider investing in a durable door. The garage door should be strong and durable but the door that leads into your home should also have the strongest and most durable doors. Since some of your garage doors are located toward the back of your home. You will need solid-core doors installed so that no one is able to gain access into the garage. Along with a durable solid-core door, we would also suggest that you have a dependable lock that cannot be easily compromised installed. The type of lock that we recommend most often is a deadbolt. This type of lock is the type of lock that most burglars will run away from. It simply takes too long to compromise. So having a good lock is a must!


Since there are all types of doors we have to address the ones that have windows since they can also become problematic. The problem is due to the fact that people can see inside your garage. This gives them all they need to determine whether or not your home is the one they want to break into. If they see things inside your garage that are of value to them, they don’t mind taking the risk. It is up to each individual homeowner to make sure that they keep their home safe from intrusions. This means even your garage. If you are going to avoid a break-in, you’ll also have to consider tinting your window or having something hung up so that no one can see inside. Why give them a reason to break into your home? Conceal your belongings and keep out potential burglars.


Have High-Tech Security Installed With so many different types of security systems, there is no reason that you shouldn’t have one. The best type of system that you could have is one that enables you remote access. With a remote security system you are able to see what is actually taking place inside your home at any time of the day. If you are notified via your security system that someone has entered your garage, you can see them for yourself. You are able to act fast to ensure that they are not able to make their way inside your home. Some of the security systems will allow you to give someone a code to get inside without your being there. The best type of remote is one that has a rolling code that can be changed as needed. The key to utilizing and having access to this type of remote security system is to make sure you have a reliable Internet connection. You don’t have to contact a security company to install your security system; a qualified locksmith is capable of installing your security system for you. Having a remote security system gives you the peace-of-mind that you want and need along with the convenience of being able to remotely monitor your home.

Home Lockouts

Stay Alert- Regardless of whether or not you think that you are already as alert as you can be, we all let our guard down every now and then. The key to making sure that no one is able to get inside your home is to ‘always’ be alert. Make sure you always keep safety first and don’t allow anyone to catch you with your guard down. If you have the habit of leaving your garage door open, you should pay extra attention to this whenever you are leaving your garage. Even if you’re running out to just grab something, close it behind you because it is so easy for someone to slide into your garage without your noticing them. Everybody in the house should also be aware of the fact that somebody can enter your home through the garage and they should also be alert to the possibilities. Don’t just tell them that this can occur, let them know how this can happen. Tell them to make sure all garage remotes are out of plan sight, when pulling out of the garage, make sure the door is completely closed behind you before pulling off, set the alarm every time you leave the garage. These are all things that can benefit everyone in the home and can help to prevent an unwanted intrusion.


Most of the things we have mentioned seem like common sense, however, it is more common that people forget to do these basic things. This is why we felt the need to mention them to you. If you have never thought of the possibility of someone getting inside your home through your garage, now you are aware of this possibility and can do something to prevent it.

Article source here: Securing Your Home by Securing Your Garage

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Tips to hire a good locksmith

In a town the size of Birmingham, AL you can find hundreds of locksmiths. They are literally everywhere you look. You can find locksmith shops online, on billboards, in the yellow pages, on windshield flyers, even on business cards stuck on coffee shop bulletin boards. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which one(s) to hire? Is your choice really that important? Aren’t all locksmiths pretty much the same?

Home Lockouts

The answer may surprise you, but there ARE differences and qualities that you need to be aware of. Think about it; a locksmith is someone that is working to help secure your access to home, auto and business properties. If they help you get access, it means that THEY can get access, too! Wouldn’t you want someone trustworthy and skilled for a job like that? Of course you would! A lot of folks are more selective when hiring a gardener or a common handyman than they are when choosing a locksmith. The technician you select needs to be licensed, bonded, insured and fully mobile (at the very least!).

Is licensing important or just prestigious?

It’s actually both. It’s hard to believe, but people sometimes avoid calling a licensed technician in an effort to avoid having to pay more. This kind of thinking is foolish. Would you go to an unlicensed doctor or dentist? Of course not! Here at Birmingham Locksmith we take credentials seriously and so should you! Having a license is more than a just a piece of paper; it is validation that proper training and skill procedures were followed and that accountability to a licensing board is involved. Having proper credentials doesn’t have to mean higher prices, either. Not only are our Birmingham Locksmith technicians affordable, but many other local Birmingham, AL locksmith shops are, as well. If you need something simple like key cutting or door knob changing, call anyone you like, but when it comes to real locksmith tasks like lock replacement or transponder key programming use only real lock professionals and get better quality as well as peace of mind!

Be proactive!

It never hurts to be ready for ANY need. This includes locksmith service, too! If you lock yourself out, or come home to crime damaged locks, having a fully vetted locksmith already logged into your smart phone contacts is good to have. Instead of stressing out over trying to locate a technician and calling to see if they are available, just reach for your mobile device and tap to call! We recommend adding at least two shops or technicians to your smart phone and making sure that your loved ones, roommates or key staff members do the same. If you never need to use them; great! But if you do; they are only a fast phone call away at any time, day or night.

Insist on this one!

Choose a Birmingham, AL shop that offers 24-hour service; that’s important. Locksmith problems don’t keep regular hours; in fact, it seems that they happen when we least expect them and mostly AFTER hours. While ads often claim 24/7 service it’s smart to check and see if they really provide it. You might be locked out of your car late on a weekend night and not feel so safe in whatever neighborhood you are in. Or, your home might have been burglarized on a holiday and your locks were so badly damaged that you need new ones. The last thing you want to deal with now is a late show (or no-show) technician; not when you need one immediately! Our shop uses live response, 24-hour telephone staff to ensure that your call is handled with the utmost speed and attention. Insist on similar personal attention from the locksmith shop you choose to work with.

Check for unresolved issues

Lock Change

Every local business has complaints from customers from time to time; that’s not the problem. It’s the unresolved ones that tell a different story. Look for online reviews on the company you are considering and see how problems were taken care of. Check Better Business Bureau records for problems that were not finalized in a satisfactory way. The locksmith shop in question does NOT have to be a member but it should have few to none unresolved complaints. A pattern that says otherwise should be a red flag.

Insurance and bonding

Insist that the locksmith shop you select is bonded and insured. Go a step beyond just asking if they are covered, and find out for how much. This is a strong indicator that the company is legitimate and has your best interest at heart. It also protects you from shoddy work that one of their locksmiths may do that might cause property damage or even bodily injury. Note the response of the person you speak to. If they give the information willingly and cheerfully that tends to be a good sign. If they don’t know or refuse to answer the question; call someone else! While you are at it; be sure to ask if the company used to operate under other names. This is good to know in case they were previously shut down by local authorities and have now re-opened under a new name. Even if they don’t own up to that, you can still tell a lot by how they answer the question!

Well rounded service

An optimal locksmith shop for you to work with can do more than just make keys or install a peephole. They need to be able to help with residential locksmith services like emergency door unlocking, alarm service and lock replacement. They should also be well versed in automotive lock and key service including trunk opening, keyless entry repair and transponder key programming. Lastly, commercial locksmith service should be available including safe opening, panic bars and keypad devices. Having an “all in one” locksmith shop that is fully certified and available 24/7 is what you should be looking for. Spend the time and effort to find one now and it will pay off in big dividends down the road when you need to use them!

Article source here: Tips to hire a good locksmith

Monday, July 17, 2017


Lock Change

Are you looking for locks for your home or business? Once you begin, you’ll find out that there’s an almost endless selection of locks to choose from. To find the best lock for each need, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who will use the lock?
  • How much security do you need?
  • Where will the lock be placed?
  • What are the surroundings like where you’ll install the lock?

Here are some of the most popular locks. Let’s look at their security features:

Knob locks are often utilized as the sole source of security for exterior doors, although they’re typically installed in addition to deadbolts. A knob lock by itself actually isn’t very secure, because the lock cylinder is just in the knob itself rather than inside the door. A knob lock can be broken off the door by a criminal in the know, using a hammer. The lock can also be forced open with pliers or with a wrench behind the knob, bypassing the locking cylinder, by a professional thief. If you presently have knob locks, you ought to consider replacing them with simple passage knobs. Adding deadbolts will give you more security.

Deadbolts are the most secure locks you can have for your home, as any locksmith professional will tell you. They’re called “dead” because there aren’t any springs to operate the bolt; a deadbolt is operated only manually, with a key or a thumbturn. Deadbolts are installed on external doors in four basic types: single-cylinder, double-cylinder, lockable thumbturn, and jimmy-proof.

A single-cylinder deadbolt is the type we normally imagine, as it has a key cylinder on the outside. A thumbturn on the inside opens and closes it. This kind of deadbolt is often used on solid doors made of wood or metal. A disadvantage of this deadbolt is that if there’s any possible access to the inside (such as through a nearby window, or through the peephole, which a professional burglar will know how to do), the door can be opened with the thumbturn.

To deal with this issue, a double-cylinder deadbolt has a key cylinder both on the inside and on the outside of the door. If the door’s locked, the double-cylinder deadbolt requires a key to open it from the inside. It’s good if your door has any glass in it, or if there’s a window near your door, because it will prevent an intruder from breaking the glass and reaching in to unlock the door. Its drawback is that in case of fire, it can be unsafe; make sure you always leave a key on the inside whenever people are at home, so that in case of an emergency, you can all get out fast.

A lockable thumbturn deadbolt is a hybrid of the single-cylinder and the double-cylinder deadbolt, giving optimized flexibility and security. It features a thumbturn on the inside, which works like a regular single-cylinder deadbolt, except that it can be locked with a key, so it can’t unlock or lock the door. This means that you can leave the thumbturn in an unlocked position while people are at home, but it will operate just like a standard single-cylinder deadbolt. When everyone is away, especially for a long time, the thumbturn can be easily locked, so even if someone gets access to the door from the inside, the deadbolt cannot be unlocked.

A jimmy-proof deadbolt is a surface-mount lock, frequently found on double doors and in apartment complexes. This deadbolt is preferred because it requires minimal door modifications. In this unique lock, the deadbolt interlocks with the jamb bracket, keeping it from any vulnerability to being pulled apart or forced from the outside by a would-be trespasser. A surface-mount lock means that the lock screws into the door’s inside, rather than with a drill pattern, the way a basic deadbolt does.

Key Extraction

Lever-handle locks are often used on inner doors in commercial facilities. They’re easier for most people to open than knob locks, because they have a large push-down handle, rather than a knob that you have to grasp and turn. When accessibility for the disabled is important, a lever lock is your best bet.

Mortise-cylinder locks are threaded, screwing into mortise hardware that’s mounted inside the door. These locks are held in place by a set screw, and a cam activates the locking mechanism. Mortise cylinders are available in numerous lengths, and come with several options for the cams, depending on the hardware used.

Rim cylinder locks help upgrade your security. You’ll see them regularly on entry glass doors, commercial doors, and sometimes on doors of apartment buildings. These locks are generally used in rim latch locks, mounted on the inside of the door. Rim cylinder locks have a long metal piece that extends out from the back of the lock, which runs through the door into a locking mechanism on the opposite side of the door.

Cam locks are the locks you see in mailboxes, filing cabinets, and cupboards. They come in various lengths, with an assortment of tailpieces (“cams”) which interface with another lock mechanism.

A rim latch lock has a rim cylinder on one side, with a surface-mount latch lock on the other. Rim latch locks can automatically lock the door as it shuts behind you, which makes them popular in apartment houses.

A wall-mounted lock is mounted in the wall, as its name says. An example is a firefighter’s box-style lock, oftentimes found in larger businesses. A wall-mounted lock provides emergency access to the building’s keys. It can be a small safe, which holds essential items. Usually it’s installed at the time of construction, although one can be installed at an existing facility. A wall-mounted lock normally has a cover or alarm sensor, which allows for networking into the building’s security system, meaning that any unauthorized access will be detected immediately.


In addition to the above locks, there are so many more. To discover which lock is ideal for each purpose, bring all your questions and concerns to a locksmith professional. If you’re located in Birmingham, Alabama, you ought to consult with a trustworthy locksmith, such as the mobile locksmith technicians on staff at Birmingham Locksmith.