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Lock Change

Are you looking for locks for your home or business? Once you begin, you’ll find out that there’s an almost endless selection of locks to choose from. To find the best lock for each need, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who will use the lock?
  • How much security do you need?
  • Where will the lock be placed?
  • What are the surroundings like where you’ll install the lock?

Here are some of the most popular locks. Let’s look at their security features:

Knob locks are often utilized as the sole source of security for exterior doors, although they’re typically installed in addition to deadbolts. A knob lock by itself actually isn’t very secure, because the lock cylinder is just in the knob itself rather than inside the door. A knob lock can be broken off the door by a criminal in the know, using a hammer. The lock can also be forced open with pliers or with a wrench behind the knob, bypassing the locking cylinder, by a professional thief. If you presently have knob locks, you ought to consider replacing them with simple passage knobs. Adding deadbolts will give you more security.

Deadbolts are the most secure locks you can have for your home, as any locksmith professional will tell you. They’re called “dead” because there aren’t any springs to operate the bolt; a deadbolt is operated only manually, with a key or a thumbturn. Deadbolts are installed on external doors in four basic types: single-cylinder, double-cylinder, lockable thumbturn, and jimmy-proof.

A single-cylinder deadbolt is the type we normally imagine, as it has a key cylinder on the outside. A thumbturn on the inside opens and closes it. This kind of deadbolt is often used on solid doors made of wood or metal. A disadvantage of this deadbolt is that if there’s any possible access to the inside (such as through a nearby window, or through the peephole, which a professional burglar will know how to do), the door can be opened with the thumbturn.

To deal with this issue, a double-cylinder deadbolt has a key cylinder both on the inside and on the outside of the door. If the door’s locked, the double-cylinder deadbolt requires a key to open it from the inside. It’s good if your door has any glass in it, or if there’s a window near your door, because it will prevent an intruder from breaking the glass and reaching in to unlock the door. Its drawback is that in case of fire, it can be unsafe; make sure you always leave a key on the inside whenever people are at home, so that in case of an emergency, you can all get out fast.

A lockable thumbturn deadbolt is a hybrid of the single-cylinder and the double-cylinder deadbolt, giving optimized flexibility and security. It features a thumbturn on the inside, which works like a regular single-cylinder deadbolt, except that it can be locked with a key, so it can’t unlock or lock the door. This means that you can leave the thumbturn in an unlocked position while people are at home, but it will operate just like a standard single-cylinder deadbolt. When everyone is away, especially for a long time, the thumbturn can be easily locked, so even if someone gets access to the door from the inside, the deadbolt cannot be unlocked.

A jimmy-proof deadbolt is a surface-mount lock, frequently found on double doors and in apartment complexes. This deadbolt is preferred because it requires minimal door modifications. In this unique lock, the deadbolt interlocks with the jamb bracket, keeping it from any vulnerability to being pulled apart or forced from the outside by a would-be trespasser. A surface-mount lock means that the lock screws into the door’s inside, rather than with a drill pattern, the way a basic deadbolt does.

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Lever-handle locks are often used on inner doors in commercial facilities. They’re easier for most people to open than knob locks, because they have a large push-down handle, rather than a knob that you have to grasp and turn. When accessibility for the disabled is important, a lever lock is your best bet.

Mortise-cylinder locks are threaded, screwing into mortise hardware that’s mounted inside the door. These locks are held in place by a set screw, and a cam activates the locking mechanism. Mortise cylinders are available in numerous lengths, and come with several options for the cams, depending on the hardware used.

Rim cylinder locks help upgrade your security. You’ll see them regularly on entry glass doors, commercial doors, and sometimes on doors of apartment buildings. These locks are generally used in rim latch locks, mounted on the inside of the door. Rim cylinder locks have a long metal piece that extends out from the back of the lock, which runs through the door into a locking mechanism on the opposite side of the door.

Cam locks are the locks you see in mailboxes, filing cabinets, and cupboards. They come in various lengths, with an assortment of tailpieces (“cams”) which interface with another lock mechanism.

A rim latch lock has a rim cylinder on one side, with a surface-mount latch lock on the other. Rim latch locks can automatically lock the door as it shuts behind you, which makes them popular in apartment houses.

A wall-mounted lock is mounted in the wall, as its name says. An example is a firefighter’s box-style lock, oftentimes found in larger businesses. A wall-mounted lock provides emergency access to the building’s keys. It can be a small safe, which holds essential items. Usually it’s installed at the time of construction, although one can be installed at an existing facility. A wall-mounted lock normally has a cover or alarm sensor, which allows for networking into the building’s security system, meaning that any unauthorized access will be detected immediately.


In addition to the above locks, there are so many more. To discover which lock is ideal for each purpose, bring all your questions and concerns to a locksmith professional. If you’re located in Birmingham, Alabama, you ought to consult with a trustworthy locksmith, such as the mobile locksmith technicians on staff at Birmingham Locksmith.


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Birmingham Locksmith: What To Do When Your Transponder Key Is Lost

Transponder Keys

The team of experts at Birmingham Locksmith surely is a force to be reckoned with. They have taken the time to put together advice for people not just in Birmingham, AL but everywhere. Anyone who owns or even rents or leases a vehicle will find the information here to be useful. Why? Because losing a transponder key can happen to anyone. When it does happen, it is extremely stressful, but luckily, there are steps you can take to regain access to your vehicle without spending a fortune.

Car companies are taking the time to come up with steps that will help in deterring theft, which is good for everyone. Think about it – less theft means less police reports, and it means less stress for car owners who spent a lot of money to be able to own their vehicle. Certain manufacturers such as Audi typically make a person enter a PIN before their key can be replaced if it is stolen. This way, not just anyone is able to get a copy of your transponder key. BMW is a manufacturer that has multiple codes programmed in their keys. Actually, this is a company that will immobilize your car so that it cannot run if the key is not there. These are just some of the methods which are being deployed nowadays to ensure only trained experts like trained, licensed lock and security providers and dealers are able to create and distribute keys.

What exactly is a transponder key and how does it work?

A transponder key is very important in keeping a vehicle safe and secure. The technology for this type of key was actually created during World War II. It didn’t become popular though for cars until the 90s. If your vehicle is one of the new ones which is utilizing a transponder key, then the ignition will have an antenna coil. Upon inserting and turning the key, the ignition coil will make a field which is electromagnetic. This electromagnetic field will communicate with the transponder chip that is located in the head of the key. This will serve as proof that the key is the right key which is needed to operate the vehicle. The car simply will not start if the transponder chip isn’t programmed with the right code. This technology is absolutely wonderful and serves to truly protect vehicles everywhere. It saves a great deal of stress.

But what happens if you can’t find your transponder key, and then you are unable to access your own vehicle?

If your transponder key is lost and you have already taken the time to search everywhere, like your house, the last place you visited, etc. then you should get on the phone with a local locksmith. Many offer emergency solutions so they are available 24 hours a day, every day, and they are able to make copies of transponder keys. How can they do this when this level of technology is so specific and advanced? How can they do this when manufacturers have created a system that prevents anyone from accessing your vehicle without the right key? Well, they have specialized equipment that can gain access to the embedded codes. Sure, you can go back to your dealership if you need to have a new transponder key made. The problem is that the dealership will usually charge a very high rate, one that many people are unable to afford. At least, it is a price tag that will set them back. So yes, visiting a dealership to get a key replacement is an option, but it is one that might be out of your price range. A lock and security provider that specializes in automotive services might end up being your best bet. And because they are willing to travel to their customers, they tend to make things easier than a dealer might.

Commercial Locksmith

Losing a key is always stressful, and it is even more stressful if said key happened to be stolen. You might be afraid that someone else will be able to gain access to your property. Luckily, most car manufacturers have made it essentially impossible for a person to gain access to your vehicle if they don’t have the transponder key that has been connected to said car. Basically, the new key technology which exists is absolutely wonderful for car owners who want to prevent theft whenever possible, but it does make the replacement of missing keys a bit of a challenge. Luckily, licensed and insured locksmiths should have access to equipment that allows them to program transponder chip keys. This is why it is important that people everywhere take a few moments of their time to look up and save the contact information of a lock and security provider that is local to their area. Anyone in Birmingham, Alabama can use the services of Birmingham Locksmith, but you just might not be in this area. Luckily, you can still heed the advice which has been offered by this company and take advantage of the information.

If your transponder key is lost, don’t panic. Just make sure to get in touch with a local professional if you have already searched everywhere that the key could possibly be. Just try to take a deep breath and re-trace your steps, because often times, when someone misplaces a key, it ends up being found practically right in front of them. That might mean that it is sitting on the desk at your office, on a nightstand, on a kitchen counter, or even in the bathroom if you happened to bring it in there. Once you have exhausted all of your options in terms of where it might have ended up, just reach out to a licensed and insured expert that can help you by creating a copy or programming a new transponder key for you. Good luck!

Article source here: Birmingham Locksmith: What To Do When Your Transponder Key Is Lost